07/7/19 / by Jesse Griffith

Day 67

First days of summer's sweltering heat brings a nice change but takes getting used to. Exerting more energy on the farm usually makes the session feel like an awaiting reward but today was laboring. An exercise in trying to appreciate the moment but the feeling of exhaustion trickled into most of the music today. A day of distraction and interruption but I found small moments between all that inner noise and friction where interesting seedlings began, but nothing that could captivate me enough to pursue with full abandon. I observe the need to play it safe when people first enter the vicinity and then I settle in and simply enjoy the flow of pieces that I know to sound well. Improvisation still happens but with clearer direction and within a framework that I am comforted by. In retrospect, this marked positive growth, this entire project has shown me a new level of comfort with the instrument most importantly, with myself. Not everyday is meant to be earth shattering.