07/13/19 / by Jesse Griffith

Days 71-74

Wonderful and productive times in the Obscura despite a heavy load of life tasks and events. The closer we get to our goals the harder the journey becomes. I am discovering the uniqueness of each day. Seemingly, in one perspective I have a rigid and finely set routine with a regiment that is firmly embedded from the moment I arise until sundown. But it is not so. Even if I gravitate towards the same activities at the same time, in the same position inside the structure and use the same tuning, mode, key center, strings, clothes and align all the variables as the previous 70 days, it is still a brand new world that unfolds every moment and this is worth celebrating.

Witnessing some incredible guitar music from Niger was a real treat this week. A lesson in inspiration, not to sound like someone else but to keep going further to embrace my own personal pursuit, digging in to unleash the sounds that are unique to my individual experience. Watching a gifted band work like hell to bring music to the people was a reminder of how hard life on the road is, but how highly effective electric instruments are at carrying and transporting messages and emotions to the masses. It is a pure form of celebration and that is inspiring. Using the tools at hand to best express ourselves make me so grateful to have found and hung onto the guitar as my vessel.