07/25/19 / by Jesse Griffith

Day 86

The last five sessions. Ninety days sure flies by. I was tired and didn't want to play yesterday. I felt like I'd finished my job, got the ideas across and played all the notes that I needed to get out in the last 85 days. I unpacked my guitar and tried to play a few bars of something, I just couldn't muster anything inspiring. I put it down and went out back to walk the salt marsh trail, spend some time in the sun taking it all in for 30 minutes. It was all I needed. I returned with vigor and so did the music that pulled me through the session.

I have been hanging out with a bald eagle for the last two weeks. I had my eyes closed lying on my back on the beach and just happened to open them and there it was, swooping down from his (or her) overhanging tree, watching me and the tide come in. For the next ten days it'd be there on the same branch, with a partner not far away. I've been able to observe their actions closely, and was gifted a large and beautiful feather. As soon as I picked it up, I could feel the sense of flight as the slightest breeze touched the feather as the potential was revealed by the air. It's really amazing and feels like a symbol to keep going.

eagle feather.jpg