07/5/19 / by Jesse Griffith

Day 66 ? (I might have lost count along the way)

Here is a song I have been working on, every word is true.

See you on the other side

Arms outstretched wide

Going to work till the work is through

Lay my head down to die

Wear off the old skin

Work my hands anew

Can't un-see the things I've seen

Un-live the days I've lived

Cooking up coke on a bent spoon

Candle lights the room

As sweat beat down my brow

Hold the shakes that I can't shake

"If you don't shit you die"

Freebase set him free

The morphine telling lies

The cancer running wild

Biking uphill just to feel the burn

Look across the Bay

Then I said a prayer

Headed on back down

Leaning into the second turn

Ancient pave in ruin

In an instant life turned black

Then white then red

I knew my wounds would heal

His would finally kill

All the tears were cried

July and the fire was stoked

But his heart remained strong

His stubborn was long

A poke in the arm

A few drips in, he was gone

Love till the day you die

Dream till there is no more

Wait for the wings to grow

Be the eagle and soar